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healing-symbols-blokMaster Zhang’s cultural upbringing and belief systems come from a background of Buddhism, yet she transcends normal Buddhist and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with her paranormal abilities. She provides energy healing, which involves moving chi, as well as spiritual healing, which involves connecting with Spirit. Master Zhang uses her own natural psychic abilities to help her understand what is going on in a person’s body and what kind of healing help they may need. In particular, it is through connecting with the spirit realm that she is able to perform her most unusual skill of manifesting or materializing herbs out of the air, which for the most part, come from the Medicine Buddha. Few healers over the centuries have been able to do this. However, since some have, there is an ancient Chinese description of this skill called, “Grabbing Medicine from the Air.” However, she does not diagnose or prescribe in a western medical way, and she does not stock any herbs or charge for those that she manifests for her clients.

Master Zhang does not speak English. Thus, when she works with clients who do not speak Chinese, one of the interpreters she uses will be there. Normally, sessions take place during regular business hours in Fullerton, California.

To schedule a session, or to inquire about directions, pricing, or other aspects of Master Zhang’s services, please click here to send your inquiry.

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